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Bruises and Brews at Hollystock 2015

Shore Points Roller Derby poured a diverse range of brews for the audiences to two of the performance stages at Mount Holly’s music festival, Hollystock, on Saturday, August 8th 2015. The Atlantic Coast Roller Girls, who merged with SPRD earlier this year, worked hard serving beer at this same event over previous years and passed the torch to the Shore Points Roller Derby league. The purpose of this event was to boost the economy local to Mount Holly by promoting its business-based community and by bringing attention to the town’s participation with merchants both far and near to the city. The event offered a family-friendly atmosphere for music appreciation and local artist exposure while also supporting charity causes such as VH1 Save The Music Foundation (check out to support them too!).The real kicker for the festival was the fact that entrance to the event was 100% free, money only necessary for food, merchandise, and beverages (beer included, yum!). Hollystock 2015’s event featured a wide range of artists and genres of music, catering in vast majority to Indie music tastes. For a complete listing of artists and bands, see the following link: The beer offered at the event ranged from the Spellbound's IPA and pale ale brewed in Mount Holly, to a whole assortment of beer from Flying Fish, which is located in Somerdale NJ. At the conclusion of the day-long event, it turned out that our roller derby girls had poured enough individual Solo cups of beer to deplete the stock of a few dozen kegs! Wow, girls! Each “thank you” from festival patrons was greatly appreciated; all tips received and collected being taken in as a donation to fund the league. We would like to sincerely thank everyone who came out in support of the musical talent, the local breweries and vendors, and last but not least, Shore Points Roller Derby!

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