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Skater of the Month

June Skater of the month!!!! We'd like to present our skater of the month! Skarlet!!!!

•Name and Number: Skarlet #10

•Team (s): Allstars and High Rollers

•Years Playing: ~6.5yrs

•Job in League: Captain’s Rep; Co-Capt of both All-Stars and High Rollers

•What is your preferred position: Blocker, Pivot, Soul-Eater..

•What is you pre-derby athletic experience: Softball, Roller Hockey, Field Hockey, Figure Skating

•Do you have a pre-game ritual: Okay… soo.. No showering or shaving day of game.. bad juju.. Don’t ever step on the line/rope before the game starts.. serious bad juju.. and you don’t wash your pads until you lose.. in the immortal words of Crash Davies “never F*** with a winning streak”.. if I thought it would help the team.. I would grow a playoff beard if I were capable

•What are the highlights from your derby career: Being voted 2012 team MVP, voted High Rollers and All-star captain.. Winning tournament Fan Fav/Mvp Blocker of the 2015 Coastal Chaos Tournament.. being a 2yr New Jersey Allstar.. Playing in my first WFTDA tournament and finally skating with the pink patch..

•What’s on your breakfast sandwich: The Jersey Standard.. Pork Roll, Egg and Cheese on an Everything Bagel.. or for my northern friends Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese on an Everything..

•Which beach is your beach: Exit 4B.. Wildwood Crest.. Cause when I want to the beach I want a beach.. none of this 10ft to the water.. give me my mile beach hike..

•Do you believe in the Jersey Devil: oh that poor misunderstood Leed’s child.. all he wanted was a hug.. ‪#‎jerseydevilismyhomeboy‬

•For the record: Springsteen or Bon Jovi: Im sorry I couldn’t hear the question over Jungleland.. let me turn that up for you.. The Boss for pres 2016!!!

•What are you looking forward to this season? Seeing what we can become during our first full year of WFTDA play.. and of course home team season.. Let’s go High Rollers!!

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