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Don't know how to skate?  We'll teach you!​

Loaner gear is available. Our new skater program includes:


  • Basic Skating: Crossovers, stance, and skating the circle

  • Stops and Falls: T-Stop, Plow Stop, Turning Stop, Two Knee Fall, One Knee Fall​, 4-Point (Safety) Fall

  • Agility: Turns, Jumping, Weaving

  • Blocking: Positional and Contact

  • Team Work: Skating in a pack, whips, and pushes

  • ​Endurance and Conditioning: Strength, cross training, and time trials


What can I do to prepare for derby?

Get out there and skate! Open skates at local rinks are perfect for practicing your skills.

Come to one of our games. Get familiar with roller derby, and meet some of the skaters.

Check out Learn the rules and get familiar with the Women's Flat Track Roller Derby Association, our governing body.


Are you interested in joining Shore Points Roller Derby?

Start any time! Email to confirm our practice schedule. Start for free! Regular dues are $50/month, starting your first full month, and cover rink time, league insurance, website, etc 

New Skaters and Skating Officials!

New skaters, summer 2013.


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