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Skater of the Month

We are extremely excited to announce our May skater of the month! Meet La' RainStorm! ‪

Name and Number: La'RainStorm #411

Team (s): AllStars, Maidens of Mayhem

Years Playing: 3

Job in League: PR/marketing

Preferred position: Blocker!

What is you pre-derby athletic experience: ballet, swimming, cheer leading, and lacrosse (very briefly)

Do you have a pre-game ritual: I eat 2 raw eggs and shot gun a can of whoop ass

What are the highlights from your derby career: winning MVP blocker at our first wftda game

What’s on your breakfast sandwich: cheese, eggs, more cheese.

Which beach is your beach: any one that's free

Do you believe in the Jersey Devil: um duh

For the record: Springsteen or Bon Jovi: Springsteen.

What are you looking forward to this season? WFTDA ranking like a boss

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