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Hard Hits and Holiday Cheer at Rollway

Rollway Skating Rink in Hammonton was a roaring packed house at SPRD's final bout of the season, Miser Nayhem. Everyone played a hard-hitting, clean game. Thank you to our friends from the Philly Roller Girls and other local leagues for joining us for the fun!

The first half was back and forth the entire period, with crushing defense from both sides keeping the score low. The priodended with the Heat Misers up by 20, but when gameplay restarted in the 2nd half, a few high-scoring jams from the Snow Misers created a lead the Heat just couldn't counter. Even with Strawberry Moose Cake's putting an impressive 30 points up in the last jam, the Snow Misers took the win by a margin about about 30 points.

Thank you to the referees and Non-skating officials who also travelled far and volunteered their time to help. And most of all, than you to our fans - who packed the house and cheered loudly for their favorite roller derby in New Jersey. We couldn't do it without you.

We want to congratulate our MVPS:


Blocker: Woahbot

Jammer: Lemonade


Blocker: Susie Nugent

Jammer: Cuban Miss Crisis


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