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Introducing the Skater of the Month

SPRD is proud to present our skater of the month for January! • Name and Number: Chew Chew Train Wreck, 382 • Team(s): All-Star, Brawlers, High Rollers ... • Years Playing: Little over 1.5 years • Job in League: Head of Bout production • What is your preferred position: Blocker • What is you pre-derby athletic experience: Cheerleading, field hockey, throwing(ie shot put and discus) during spring track • Do you have a pre-game ritual: Relax and watch an archived game on WFTDA TV • What are the highlights from your derby career: Being part of SPRD's first sanctioned game • What’s on your breakfast sandwich: BACON! • Which beach is your beach: Really not a beach person but if I go, I go to Sea Isle • Do you believe in the Jersey Devil: Honestly, who doesn't • For the record: Springsteen or Bon Jovi: Bon Jovi • What are you looking forward to this season: Another season with a wonderful group of skaters/friends, reaching personal goals,and becoming a better skater/player.


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