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Roller Derby returns to Ventnor October 25th!

Shore Points Roller Derby is back with all the hard-hitting action you love, right at the Ventnor Educational Community Complex, just minutes from Atlantic City!

On October 25th, the SPRD All-Stars take on the Rock Coast Rollers of Rockland Maine in a never-before-seen match up. SPRD has been training hard to take on this new opponent, because this will be our first ever Sanctioned Bout. You don't want to miss this!

After you've had you fill of action at the game, get your fill of tasty food and beverages at Maynard's Cafe in Margate.

What's a sanctioned game? WFTDA, our governing organization, breaks it down on their website: "A WFTDA-sanctioned bout is a regulation match played between the chartered, or "all-star," teams from two different member leagues. These matches are reviewed by WFTDA Games officials before they are granted sanctioning, and the results of the bout count towards the leagues' ranking."

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